Craft-time cootie catchers and the art of tactical feedback

Hola! The last several days has been a whirl-wind of new information related to the finer-points of teaching most of which are entirely new to me.

In thinking about what I’d like to explore and try to experiment with over this next year in the classroom, the idea of HOW feedback is provided gave me pause. I don’t mean this in the sense of verbal versus written feedback but rather, how the conversation is structured and what terms are used to provide some encouragement and guidance rather than simply stating what was right or wrong and why.

To lead us through this discussion, our tour guide brought-forth the venerable cootie-catcher of yore to help with statement randomization and hands-on engagement. Sadly for myself, I became too focused on building an exquisite catcher (my CRAFT is EVERYTHING!) and populating it with clever (not so clever and partially stolen) comments, statements and/or blurbs leading me to miss a good deal of the content of the exercise. This has led me to the desire to think and read more about the art of delivering feedback.  Beyond the classroom, this (if I ever really grasp it) will undoubtedly serve well in parenting too.

Blackstripe topminnow (Fundulus notatus) June 2017


Deep thoughts to Future Tom

While being decidedly early in the blogging process, a yard-stick has been planted. I believe I will use this and the subsequent experiences to expand on my limited knowledge of social media. This will allow me to broaden my network and maintain current on fisheries related issues happening in Ontario…and beyond!